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Speaking at State House yesterday when he met all diplomats accredited to Zambia, President Sata said the government wanted to see economic benefits trickle down to the poor. This was the first time President Sata met all diplomats accredited to Zambia since he was sworn in as the country’s fifth President on September 23, last year.

“The PF government will continue to play its part by engaging in a relentless fight against corruption in order to ensure that economic gains trickle down to the average person. I am pleased to note that our strong stance against corruption has received support from most of our cooperating partners,” he said. The president further stated that he will not act too fast in like he did with Swiss Businessman Nicolae Buzaianu. Dr. Buzaianu was believed to be apart of the DEC gold scandal but has been cleared of all allegations.

President Sata further urged the diplomats to support his government’s resolve to implement projects outlined in the Sixth National Development Plan such as infrastructure and industrial development. President Sata said his government would continue to fight poverty by creating employment. On the United Nations reforms, President Sata expressed concern that Africa’s request for representation at the UN Security Council was not being considered quickly. “In this regard, we would like to urge the international community to expedite the process of UN reforms,” said President Sata.

And speaking on behalf of all the diplomats, Botswana High Commissioner to Zambia Tuelonyana Oliphant said Zambia’s peaceful record had provided a conducive environment for their operations.  “We are also happy with the manner in which the government has embraced Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a means to create employment and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Zambians. We are thankful for the peace and stability prevailing in the country which provides a conducive and positive environment in our daily operations as diplomats based in Zambia,” said High Commissioner Oliphant.


MILUPI Says “RB’s Immunity Must Be LIFTED. CORRUPT Actions Were 
Committed Under His DIRECTIVE and CHARGE” OPPOSITION ALLIANCE for Democracy and Development (ADD) president, Charles Milupi 
has said Parliament should help the executive in the fight against
corruption by lifting the immunity on former president 
Rupiah Banda as it is becoming clear that most corrupt actions were 
committed under his directive and charge.
 The opposition leader said in Lusaka in an interview Monday 1/2 that 
President Michael Sata’s fight against corruption would be meaningless
if the former president was not made to account for his actions while
in office.

President Sata

President Sata

“The former president must be brought to book because the current
 president has done his part so far. We need all the three arms of
Government to play their part in this fight, those in Parliament 
should reflect and ensure that Mr Banda’s immunity is lifted.
”Let’s not distort the intentions of the presidential immunity.

Presidential immunity is supposed to protect a former head of State
for the genuine actions taken while in office. Presidential immunity
is not about protecting actions done in personal, individual, selfish
family interests,” he said.
Mr Milupi said former president Banda should be made to account for
all the corruption that was taking place under his administration.
He said from the information and investigations so far, it was clear
that those who were being investigated were working under the
directive or charge of the former president.
“Most of the things that are being investigated were done under his 
directive, it was under president Banda’s reign that they repealed the
Anti-Corruption Act, and removed the abuse of office clause, it was
under the same administration that the Director of Public Prosecutions
(DPP) was directed to withdraw corruption cases from courts,” he said.

Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

He has since called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to seriously reflect and lift the immunity of president Banda so that he could 
clear himself of all the allegations that have been leveled against him.
“In fact I get worried when I hear some opposition political parties
say that they will defend the former president in the House. The
 purpose of lifting the former president’s immunity is to ensure that 
the cases against him are taken to court and if there is no evidence
then he is cleared,” he said.

He said it was pointless for the Government to investigate some of the 
former ministers who were clearly under instructions from the former
Investigative agencies are investigating corrupt activities under the Rupiah Banda administration and so far several Cabinet ministers, who 
served under the former administration, are being probed with most 
investigations pointing to the former first family.

Among some cases that were under investigation include, the wrongly alleged sale of gold to a Swis business executive Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu, however, Buzaianu has been cleared of all allegations by President Sata, The
alleged irregular sale of the parastatal Zamtel is still pending. Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu Meanwhile, Mr Milupi has expressed concern over the manner in which the Government was fighting corruption.
He accused the Government of selectively prosecuting some former
leaders from North-Western, Western and Eastern provinces.
 “Does it mean that other people from other provinces were not involved
in this corruption? The Government should not be seen to be targeting 
certain regions,” he said.


Awarded to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

Awarded to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

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I have been most disturbed by events in my home country of Zambia. Both Zambian Watchdog and esteemed journalist Gloria Koko have been writing about President Sata’s transition into power. I am not one on the level of a countries President or statesman to know all the inner workings of politics but I do understand that when engulfed on a new position they must arrive with open ears and eyes wide to understand the lay of the land.

Within days of President Michael Sata’s entry into power he yelled loud at the road that was left behind him by the previous president Mr. Banda. What I mean by that he attacked the past president Banda with all allegations of corruption, from over spending, cars purchased for him and a nefarious gold scandal.

This great Zambian gold scandal went beyond the borders of the country and has alienated a man who would have provided the youth of the country with boundless opportunities. Gloria Koko from the Lusaka News learned in conversation that Swiss Businessman and philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu was the recent recipient of a gold medal honor from the Church of Russia. The Swiss National was personally responsible for restoring churches in dire need throughout Eastern Europe. Dr. Buzaianu had been working with educators from all over the world and planned on donating personal funds for further reading education to the young people of Zambia. Included and not limited to personal sponsorship of college funds for select students. President Sata’s quick allegation against the Romanian born philanthropist was responsible for the loss students of Zambia will face.

In defense of President Sata he did issue a formal apology to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu and acknowledged that the Swiss Businessman took no part on the gold scandal and was never on the DEC watch list. Gloria Koko has reported that Nicolae Buzaianu will now take his charity to a country where his work is more appreciated.

There are many problems now with Mr. Banda and the road he has left behind. Unfortunately too we have learned that Situmbeko Musokotwane was paid K5.5 billion and got two salaries. Why do not those in charge deal properly with internal corruption and give Zambia what it truly needs and that is the help of individuals like Dr. Buzaianu and other like him willing to bring their expertise to a country in need.


I have been aggressive in following the gold scandal in Zambia where PRESIDENT Sata originally pointed a wrong finger at Swiss philanthropist Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu who held the most esteemed UNESCO post. President Sata outwardly accused Dr. Buzaianu of stealing the gold held by DEC. Early on in the investigation our President stated the Dr. Buzaianu flew into Zambia on a nefarious mission to illegally purchase gold from DEC, the Drug Enforcement Commission. The deep rooted ill action allegedly involved ex-president Banda and possibly his son. 

For a few weeks Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu who is quite generous in his charitable works all over the world especially here in Zambia with a mission of furthering better education to his activities in restoring churches in Eastern Europe. Obviously these works are not the works of a man who would consider illegally purchasing gold or wrong the people of a country he so desired to help.

President Sata

President Sata


The office of the press secretary finally admitted they have had the whole gold scandal incorrect. When Dr. Buzaianu flew into Zambia it was not for the reason of purchasing gold nor was he ever on a DEC watch-list, these allegations were false and incorrect. President Sata’s office and in his own words apologized outwardly to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu for speaking so severely. 

I contacted a representative of Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu over the telephone to ask if Dr. Buzaianu would like to comment on President Sata’s actions and how he believes the President will be as a leader of Zambia. The representative offered these words from the Swiss National wrongly accused in the gold scandal. “Nu măsura pe alţii cu palma ta.” Translated it means “Don’t measure others with your own hand.” Finally Dr. Buzaianu wishes the people of Zambia a happy holiday and a wonderful new year. 

I also contacted the press secretary who stated that the President wishes the best of holidays to Dr. Buzaianu and his family and truly hopes he reconsiders his UNESCO post for the people of Zambia. 

Reporting form Lusaka Daily News Sunday 25th December 2011 James Mapalo




Nicolae Buzaianu

What Next in Zambia by Cecil Bello.

Nicolae Buzaianu, the Swiss man President Michael Sata wrongly linked to the “gold scandal” of about 118kgs of gold with a present day value of more than K32 billion or US$6.6 million has distanced himself from what is slowly turning into an increasingly embarrassing ‘Gold-gate’ scandal for the country of Zambia. 

The Swiss national originally has hired Lusaka lawyer Sakwiba Sikota to defend him in the scandal that has already sucked in former President Rupiah Banda, his son James and a former press assistant at State House, Dickson Jere.

Bozaianu, 42, a philanthropist who received a gold medal from the Russian church for his charity in restoring several churches in Moldovia, confirmed in correspondence form his lawyer yesterday that the gold was bought not by himself, but by some two South African companies he named as Societies Financiere du Seujet SA and Valsior SA. 

Despite stating that he is not part of “the transaction” that has seen Mr Jere questioned by a combined team of police, Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) and Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC), Mr. Bozaianu says he feels the need to demonstrate that the “transaction was perfectly correct,” and “I did not participate to the transaction and I did not receive any benefits”. This information has been confirmed by authorities.

Mr. Bozaianu does not, however, explain why he “feels” that the transaction was “perfectly correct” but somehow, he has compelled the two South African companies based in Switzerland to give “full support” to the fact that they, and not him, bought the gold at US$4,066,000. He also assures that the truth shall prevail.

The price of gold bullion are about US$6.5million for some ll8kgs. DEC sold the bullion in its custody at about US$4.million in July. No tender procedure was implemented and the buyer was single-sourced. However there has been discussions with Maureen Mwanawasa who introduced buyers of the gold to DEC. 

The gold saga has brought much embarrassment to the government of Zambia. President Banda met with Bozaianu when he arrived in Lusaka to discuss him resigning from his UNESCO appointment due to business and family obligations. 

Mr Sata sacked the Zambia Police Service’s Lusaka Division commanding officer Mlhakeni Zulu for the oversight and immediately ordered a probe into the gold that went missing, ostensibly under DEC custody. The gold was seized from Zimbabwean nationals at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in 2007.

Sata Owes An Apology To Swiss Businessman wrongly implicated in Zambia’s ‘GOLD SCAM’
REPUBLICAN President Michael SATA says he sends his apologies to Dr. Nicolae Buzaianu a Swiss national who was wrongly connected with the gold scam which went missing at DEC offices. The President says he found Dr. Buzaianu’s demands understandable considering the allegations. “Dr. Buzaianu’s demand for an apology and compensation originally appeared groundless and now acceptable for Zambia,” President Sata says Dr. Buzaianu was at liberty to exhaust all legal avenues available to him since that is the democratic way. “Infact, we need Dr. Buzaianu to come to Zambia and continue his UNESCO support.

In early October 2011, Dr. Buzaianu resigned as Zambia’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO in Paris, France. Nicolae Buzaianu felt that his expertise and business acumen would be best served elsewhere. Original allegations of Dr. Buzaianu being on the DEC watch list have been cleared as well as all allegations involving him with the gold scandal.

Nicolae Buzaianu flew into Zambia on a private jet from Geneva to meet former president Mr. Rupiah Bwezani Banda, his son Mr. James Banda and former State House press aide Mr. Dickson Jere. Dr. Buzaianu expressed his sadness personally to president Banda about his contemplation to resign as UNESCO representative. Banda was saddened by the news.

Mr. Buzaianu has distanced himself but still offers support from what is slowly turning into an increasingly embarrassing ‘Gold-gate’ scandal for Zambia. Dr. Buzaianu expressed that justice will be served and the fine people of Zambia will be soon be brought truth in the matter.

November 14, 2011I represented the gold buyer’s in Zambia – Maureen Mwanawasa

I represented the gold buyer’s in Zambia – Maureen Mwanawasa.

November 14, 2011I represented the gold buyer’s in Zambia – Maureen Mwanawasa

MAUREEN Mwanawasa, wife of late President Levy Mwanawasa, represented a prospective gold buyer, but has stated that the connection was not sinister in anyway as the ‘golden triangle’ unravels. The Zambian government jumped to conclusions when President Sata wrongly pointed the finger at Swiss-businessman and philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu.

“I represented one of the people that were interested in buying the gold,” the former First Lady, a Lusaka lawyer from Mwanawasa and Company said, “We gave a South African client the necessary advice and got our fees for the job…that is all we did.”

Mrs Mwanawasa identified the client as a Mr Moto Mabanga who could not meet the sale criteria stipulated by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) which required the interested party to buy the entire 118 kilogrammes of gold at once.

“Our client just wanted part of the gold and not the entire amount,” Mrs Mwanawasa said, “We just provided the necessary legal documents at Mwanawasa and Company. That is all I know about the gold. I went to see Mr Zulu at DEC with our client’s offer and later he called us to say our client did not qualify to buy the gold.”

 The gold with a present day value of about US$6 million or K32 billion was ostensibly sold at US$4 million after being seized from two Zimbabweans. Former President, Rupiah Banda and his former press assistant Dickson Jere recently in Lusaka and Mfuwe met a Swiss man, Nicolae Buzaianu, who was believed to have bought the gold. However the authorities have cleared Dr. Buzaianu of any ill suspicions.

Mr Jere did not answer his phone more than three times yesterday when the Daily Mail called him. He is said to be in South Africa on business. The Swiss man has asked Mr Sakwiba Sikota of Central Chambers to sue the Zambian government and demand US$100 million for being linked to the gold but President Sata, who cannot be sued as a head of State. Since the matter has been cleared Nicolae Buzaianu has dropped all legal matters against the Zambian government.

Mystery surrounds how the gold was sold while in DEC custody.  The attempt to switch the gold for fake bullion was thwarted by a named female senior DEC official.

November 14, 2011All apologies for Buzaianu, says Sata
All apologies for Buzaianu, says Sata.

November 14, 2011No need for Swiss businessman to sue Zambia for US$100m over gold scam – Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu has been cleared
No need for Swiss businessman to sue Zambia for US$100m over gold scam – Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu has been cleared.

November 14, 2011No need for Swiss businessman to sue Zambia for US$100m over gold scam – Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu has been cleared
No need for Swiss businessman to sue Zambia for US$100m over gold scam – Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu has been cleared.

November 14, 2011Zambia’s President Michael Sata has apologies to make to Nicolae Buzaianu over the gold scam. Buzaianu has been cleared of any ill actions. Zambia’s President Michael Sata has apologies to make to Nicolae Buzaianu over the gold scam. Buzaianu has been cleared of any ill actions..

November 14, 2011Zambia’s President Michael Sata has apologies to make to Nicolae Buzaianu over the gold scam. Buzaianu has been cleared of any ill actions.  President Sata said Friday he found Buzaianu’s demands understandable.

“Dr Buzaianu’s demand for an apology and compensation was not completely groundless and is utterly unacceptable for Zambia to consider,” President Sata said.

He said Buzaianu was at liberty to exhaust all legal avenues available to him but there is no need since the matter is closed.

“Infact, we need Dr Buzaianu to come to Zambia and resume his appointment as Zambia’s Permanent Representative to UNESCO in Paris, France.”  However, Nicolae Buzaianu has resigned his position because of new charity and business responsibilities.

This was after the President Sata wrongly claimed that Buzaianu, was an individual who is on the Drug Enforcement  Commission (DEC) watch-list in connection with the gold scam, flew into the country from Geneva, Switzerland aboard a private jet. Further search revealed that  Dr. Buzaianu was never on the DEC watch list.

Whilst in the country,  Buzaianu met former president Rupiah Banda, his son James Banda and  ex-State House PR aide Dickson Jere.  The trip a mere formality stated Buzaianu.

No need for Swiss businessman to sue Zambia for US$100m over gold scam – Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu has been cleared

 Oct. 26 – Swiss businessman and ex-Zambia’s envoy to UNESCO in Geneva, Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu, originally threatened to sue the Zambia’s government and the country’s media over his alleged involvement in a gold scam. However the Zambian government has cleared Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu of any wrong doing.

Buzaianu is also demanded US$100 million from the Zambian Government for allegedly defamatory remarks made by President Michael Sata against him. Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu stated he would give the money to charity

Buzaianu’s legal representative in Zambia, Sakwiba Sikota said in Lusaka, “his client was offended by the remarks made by President Sata and the reports carried by all the media in Zambia.”

In 2007, Zambia’s Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)seized 119 kilograms of gold worth over US$7 million at the Lusaka’s Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from Zimbabweans who tried to evade sanctions against Zimbabwe and tried re-export the gold through Zambia.