Q&A with a former Politian in Secret – Gloria Koko – Lusaka times

Today I met with a staff member in the government to ask their

thoughts of what is taking place in Zambia and President Sata’s

government. He or she would only speak if their identity would be

shielded and in this interview I refer only to them as MR.

GK: Tell me the first image that comes to mind when I say

President Sata.

MR: Fear… yes fear I am afraid of a police state.

GK: Why?

MR: Read the news you are a journalist. The headlines “Sata

Chopping Heads” “Sata Firing” “Sata Accusing” There seem like

there is no due process only action to remove an arrest.

GK: Is Mr. Banda a criminal. 
Mr. Banda
MR: What politician is not?

GK: A safe answer.

MR: In Tumfweko the former Vice president George Kunda stated he

fears a police state. 

GK: You agree that the 90 days have been a disaster?

MR: Absolutely! President Sata has three approaches to government

Fire – Arrest – Replace. He has sacked good people in the

government and replaced with his people without questions.

  GK: The mines?

MR: People claim abuse and nothing changes. 

GK: The gold scandal?

MR: A deliberate act to destroy a good man’s reputation.

GK: Mr. Banda?

MR: No Dr Buzaianu. 
Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

GK: The Swiss Businessman Nicolae Buzaianu?

MR: I think President had bad information when he spoke about

those involved in the scandal. 

GK: But the President did apologize. 
President Sata

MR: Yes.

GK: Speaking of apologies Mr. Kunda stated that President Sata

should apologize to the people of Zambia. Why? 

MR: Mr. Kunda explained it, President Sata got elected on a claim

that he would straighten out Zambia’s troubles in 90 days. Where

is the change? 

GK: Expecting change in 90 days is unrealistic, should we truly

hold him accountable. 

MR: Yes, absolutely. Make no promises you cannot keep.

GK: Any parting words? 

MR: Bob Marley, “Stand up for your right and don’t give up the


GK: A musical quote, my favorite.