Awarded to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

Awarded to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

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I have been most disturbed by events in my home country of Zambia. Both Zambian Watchdog and esteemed journalist Gloria Koko have been writing about President Sata’s transition into power. I am not one on the level of a countries President or statesman to know all the inner workings of politics but I do understand that when engulfed on a new position they must arrive with open ears and eyes wide to understand the lay of the land.

Within days of President Michael Sata’s entry into power he yelled loud at the road that was left behind him by the previous president Mr. Banda. What I mean by that he attacked the past president Banda with all allegations of corruption, from over spending, cars purchased for him and a nefarious gold scandal.

This great Zambian gold scandal went beyond the borders of the country and has alienated a man who would have provided the youth of the country with boundless opportunities. Gloria Koko from the Lusaka News learned in conversation that Swiss Businessman and philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu was the recent recipient of a gold medal honor from the Church of Russia. The Swiss National was personally responsible for restoring churches in dire need throughout Eastern Europe. Dr. Buzaianu had been working with educators from all over the world and planned on donating personal funds for further reading education to the young people of Zambia. Included and not limited to personal sponsorship of college funds for select students. President Sata’s quick allegation against the Romanian born philanthropist was responsible for the loss students of Zambia will face.

In defense of President Sata he did issue a formal apology to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu and acknowledged that the Swiss Businessman took no part on the gold scandal and was never on the DEC watch list. Gloria Koko has reported that Nicolae Buzaianu will now take his charity to a country where his work is more appreciated.

There are many problems now with Mr. Banda and the road he has left behind. Unfortunately too we have learned that Situmbeko Musokotwane was paid K5.5 billion and got two salaries. Why do not those in charge deal properly with internal corruption and give Zambia what it truly needs and that is the help of individuals like Dr. Buzaianu and other like him willing to bring their expertise to a country in need.