I have been aggressive in following the gold scandal in Zambia where PRESIDENT Sata originally pointed a wrong finger at Swiss philanthropist Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu who held the most esteemed UNESCO post. President Sata outwardly accused Dr. Buzaianu of stealing the gold held by DEC. Early on in the investigation our President stated the Dr. Buzaianu flew into Zambia on a nefarious mission to illegally purchase gold from DEC, the Drug Enforcement Commission. The deep rooted ill action allegedly involved ex-president Banda and possibly his son. 

For a few weeks Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu who is quite generous in his charitable works all over the world especially here in Zambia with a mission of furthering better education to his activities in restoring churches in Eastern Europe. Obviously these works are not the works of a man who would consider illegally purchasing gold or wrong the people of a country he so desired to help.

President Sata

President Sata


The office of the press secretary finally admitted they have had the whole gold scandal incorrect. When Dr. Buzaianu flew into Zambia it was not for the reason of purchasing gold nor was he ever on a DEC watch-list, these allegations were false and incorrect. President Sata’s office and in his own words apologized outwardly to Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu for speaking so severely. 

I contacted a representative of Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu over the telephone to ask if Dr. Buzaianu would like to comment on President Sata’s actions and how he believes the President will be as a leader of Zambia. The representative offered these words from the Swiss National wrongly accused in the gold scandal. “Nu măsura pe alţii cu palma ta.” Translated it means “Don’t measure others with your own hand.” Finally Dr. Buzaianu wishes the people of Zambia a happy holiday and a wonderful new year. 

I also contacted the press secretary who stated that the President wishes the best of holidays to Dr. Buzaianu and his family and truly hopes he reconsiders his UNESCO post for the people of Zambia. 

Reporting form Lusaka Daily News Sunday 25th December 2011 James Mapalo