Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

It appears that corruption flows like a mudslide in Zambia. President Michael Sata has been too swift in his allegations of accusing the Swiss Businessman Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu of being involved in the gold scandal involving DEC. Dr. Buzaianu held an esteem position as a UNESCO representative and was strongly researching educational outlets to enhance  reading in the school system. This is an opportunity the youth of Zambia will now miss out on because of ill researched investigations.

Most recently it has been revealed that Situmbeko Musokotwane was paid K5.5 billion and got two salaries. One must wonder what is happening behind the closed doors of the Zambian government. Most recently the Zambian Watchdog stated directly that “Sata has been making allegations against individuals but most of these allegations have turned out to be false.”

It does appear that President Sata has righted his wrong and officially apologized to the Swiss based businessman Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu over the gold scam story. The Zambian Watchdog also reported that after Sata alleged that Buzaianu and former president Rupiah Banda along with others stole gold. Sata was forced to issue a public apology to Buzaianu when it was established that the allegations were incorrect.

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There is an old song by the British rock group the Who and a very apropos line which says. “Meet the new boss, just like the old boss.” Let us hope that this is not the fate of our beloved country of Zambia.