Swiss businessman Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu cleared from gold scandal by Gloria Koko

Swiss businessman Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu had instructed his lawyers to start court action against the government of Zambia for defamation. His lawyers have since indicated that they will no longer be demanding $100-million in damages. The reason is the Zambian government has release an official apology stating Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu has played no part in the current gold scandal.

The action originally arises from recent assertions by Zambian President Michael Sata that 119kg of gold had disappeared “mysteriously” from the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) offices in Lusaka and that the people who were responsible had supposedly “sneaked” into Lusaka by private jet and met his predecessor, Rupiah Banda.

It turned out that it was Buzaianu, a resident of Nicosia, Cyprus, who on October 12 flew into Zambia by private jet and met Banda. Upon further investigations it has been discovered that Dr. Buzaianu came to Lusaka to make former President Banda aware that he felt his time as a UNESCO delegate to was coming to a close. His reasons for stepping down are to work on the restoration of churches in in of much repair throughout Eastern Europe. It should be noted that Buzaianu was a significant supporter of educational projects in Zambia.

Sata originally had described Buzaianu as a “fugitive”. He also linked him and the former president directly to the “mysterious” disappearance of the gold. These allegations have since been recanted. Earlier statements by Sata stated that “It is very sad that the Drug Enforcement Commission seized gold but it went missing mysteriously.” The people who bought the gold was believed to have purchased the gold it was in Lusaka a few days ago. It was assumed they have come in a private jet and saw my predecessor. The name is Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu,” Sata said is now cleared and he now owes the Swiss based philanthropist and apology.

Buzaianu stuck to his convictions and denied ever buying gold from the DEC or the Zambian government and has established that the gold in question was sold to two Swiss-based companies in which he has no interest. Documentation released by the lawyers also show that the two companies followed all the procedures when buying the gold.  Buzaianu complains of having been “maligned and being grossly mistreated in the manner President Sata handled the matter.” But accepts the Zambians governments apology and believes its best to move on with no hard feelings.