Villefranche sur Mer, 10 august
COMUNICAT DE PRESĂ, Yacht Clubul din Villefranche sur Mer
Realizat de către James Goldsmith

Yacht Clubul din Villefranche sur Mer este încântat să vă anunţe inaugurarea sa şi sprijinul fondatorului domnului Nicolae Buzaianu, supranumit Patronul de “AUR”. 

Deschiderea noului Yacht Club din Villefranche sur Mer a fost anunţat pe 10 august reprezentând un început de succes în vechea tradiţie maritimă din oraş.
Scopul clubului și ai membrilor săi este de a dezvolta, de a organiza şi de a promova activități și sporturi pe apă pentru noua generaţie de tineri.

În ziua inaugurării, fondatorul Yacht Clubului, Nicolae Buzaianu, a afirmat : “Sunt foarte încântat de a fonda și de a sprijini Yacht Clubul din Villefranche sur Mer. Sunt bucuros să văd interesul tinerilor față de activitățiie și sporturile pe apă. Este o adevarată onoare de a fi supranumit Patronul de Aur și de a avea posibilitatea de a împartăși cunoştinţele de la o generaţie la alta.

Membrii fondatori :
● Thierry Leret, Director de sport, YCM
● Isabelle Joscke, Campion la iahturi de competiție
● Bruno Sroka, Triplu Campion mondial de Kitesurfing
● Gilbert Pasqui, Carpenter Naval
● Dl Nicolae Buzaianu, Patronul de Aur

Despre Villefranche
Orașelul Villefranche sur mer, aflânduse lângă Nisa (Franţa), este un paradis pentru marinarii din întreaga lume. De-a lungul anilor acesta a fost considerat portul gazdă pentru flota Statelor Unite ale Americii între anii 1948 și 1966. Începând cu anul 1980, Villefranche este folosit ca port de escală pentru navele de croazieră de pe Marea Meditaraneană. El reprezintă, de asemenea, un paradis pentru pescarii din regiune şi o posibilitate de a descoperi o mulțime de specii de peşti (cu excepţia pescarușului de aur!).

“Regata Gurman”, Yacht Club din Villefranche sur Mer
” Regata Gurman ” se numără deja în lista evenimentelor al Yacht Clubului, care va avea loc în Villefranche sur Mer, în luna septembrie. Acesta va reprezenta un mare eveniment de iahturi organizat pe baza valorilor de gastronomie franceză şi promovarea produselor alimentare locale. ” Regata Gurman ” este oportunitate pentru gastronomia franceză şi pentru participanții săi care vor putea să se bucure de cele mai bune produse artizanale din localitate.

Această regată a fost concepută în baza evenimentului ‘Trophée Pasqui’, care sărbatorește tradiţia constructiilor bărcilor din lemn în localitate, numită în cinstea primului dulgher naval, Gilbert Pasqui. Este o regată minunată făra de preț.


Villefranche sur Mer, August 10
PRESS RELEASE Yacht Club of Villefranche sur Mer
Released by James Goldsmith

The Villefranche sur Mer Yacht Club is delighted to announce its inauguration and acknowledge the support of its Founding ‘Gold’ Patron, Mr Nicolae Buzaianu.

The inauguration of the new Villefranche sur Mer Yacht Club was announced on August 10 and is a welcome edition to the long Maritime tradition in the town.
The goal of the Yacht Club is simple, the membership values are to defend and serve the sea. The Purpose of the club is to develop, organise and promote water activities to promote the respect of the sea and to bring a new generation to water sports and marine activities.

Speaking at the launch, Mr Nicolae Buzaianu said; ‘I am delighted to be able to support the foundation of the Yacht Club of Villefranche sur Mer. It is a golden opportunity to welcome the younger generation to the pleasures of the sea and to pass the knowledge from one generation to the next. I am pleased to be given the honorary title of Gold Patron

The founding members include;

  • Virginie Fabron, President
  • Thierry Leret, Director of Sport, YCM
  • Isabelle Joschke, Sailing Champion
  • Bruno Sroka, 3 times Kitesurfing World Champion & Gold medal winner
  • Gilbert Pasqui, The foremost Naval Carpenter
  • Mr Nicolau Buzaianu, Gold Patron

About Villefranche
Villefranche, near Nice,France is a haven for sailors from all over the world. Indeed, it’s bay is noted for its depth just a short distance from shore and over the years the port was the home port for the US 6th fleet from 1948-1966. Since the 1980s, Villefranche is used as a port of call for Cruise ships on the mediterranean. It is also a haven for fishermen and you will see many types of fish here (except for goldfish!)It is a beautiful little village nestled beside the sea, with a 17th century citadel whose surrounding grounds are beautiful with flowers including the French marigold.

‘Gourmand Regatta’ by The Yacht Club of Villefranche sur Mer
The ‘Gourmand Regatta’ is already lined up to take place at Villefranche sur Mer in September. It is proposed that a great gathering of classic yachts based around French gastronomy and promoting local artisinal food products. it is a golden opportunity for gastronomes and sea-farers alike to enjoy the best of local produce and the delights of classic yachting.

This regatta has been conceived on the back of the extraordinary success of the Trophee Pasqui in May which celebrated the great tradition of wooden boat building in the area and is named after the foremost naval carpenter, Gilbert Pasqui.It is a laid back regatta without competition!

For more information:

Speaking at State House yesterday when he met all diplomats accredited to Zambia, President Sata said the government wanted to see economic benefits trickle down to the poor. This was the first time President Sata met all diplomats accredited to Zambia since he was sworn in as the country’s fifth President on September 23, last year.

“The PF government will continue to play its part by engaging in a relentless fight against corruption in order to ensure that economic gains trickle down to the average person. I am pleased to note that our strong stance against corruption has received support from most of our cooperating partners,” he said. The president further stated that he will not act too fast in like he did with Swiss Businessman Nicolae Buzaianu. Dr. Buzaianu was believed to be apart of the DEC gold scandal but has been cleared of all allegations.

President Sata further urged the diplomats to support his government’s resolve to implement projects outlined in the Sixth National Development Plan such as infrastructure and industrial development. President Sata said his government would continue to fight poverty by creating employment. On the United Nations reforms, President Sata expressed concern that Africa’s request for representation at the UN Security Council was not being considered quickly. “In this regard, we would like to urge the international community to expedite the process of UN reforms,” said President Sata.

And speaking on behalf of all the diplomats, Botswana High Commissioner to Zambia Tuelonyana Oliphant said Zambia’s peaceful record had provided a conducive environment for their operations.  “We are also happy with the manner in which the government has embraced Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a means to create employment and contribute to the economic empowerment of the Zambians. We are thankful for the peace and stability prevailing in the country which provides a conducive and positive environment in our daily operations as diplomats based in Zambia,” said High Commissioner Oliphant.

Flag-map of Zambia


by Rodolpho Trocci for Informatii Informatii  

The past few months have been a difficult time for an honorable man. Nicolae Buzaianu who is Romanian born but now resides in Switzerland has found much dissension in his past experience in dealing with the current happenings in Zambia.   

Dr. Buzaianu is a former UNESCO representative for Zambia who had been wrongly accused of taking part in a gold scandal involving the past President Mr. Banda. Dr. Buzaianu is a highly educated industrialist who has been a pioneer in the field of energy. His personal beliefs are that to better a society one must tackle the present, specifically the educational system and second maintain its cultural past. He sees it as a marriage of a community.

Originally it was believed that Nicolae Buzaianu stepped down from his Zambian post to pursue other goals. The fact is Dr. Buzaianu found much resistance from the Banda administration which displayed little interest in such educational programs. Buzaianu knew that Banda would soon be out of office and Sata would arrive. Instead of President Sata accepting assistance from Nicolae Buzaianu the now President scoffed him and wrongly accused him of taking part in a gold scandal.

Nicolae Buzaianu

Nicolae Buzaianu


Part of Nicolae Buzaianu’s journey to Zambia was to offer financial assistance through a charity he was developing. The charity planned on donating much needed funds into the educational system. The real loss here says Dr. Buzaianu “is the children of Zambia.” He further stated that his most precious treasure besides his family is the education he received in life. “It is about giving back.” He says “and giving to other who do not have opportunity.” 

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu has moved beyond Zambia and has no interest in taking part in its mudslinging. He wishes them the best as he now takes part in restoring churches in Eastern Europe. When asked what will his next charitable goal, he smiled and said “Just you wait and see.”

MILUPI Says “RB’s Immunity Must Be LIFTED. CORRUPT Actions Were 
Committed Under His DIRECTIVE and CHARGE” OPPOSITION ALLIANCE for Democracy and Development (ADD) president, Charles Milupi 
has said Parliament should help the executive in the fight against
corruption by lifting the immunity on former president 
Rupiah Banda as it is becoming clear that most corrupt actions were 
committed under his directive and charge.
 The opposition leader said in Lusaka in an interview Monday 1/2 that 
President Michael Sata’s fight against corruption would be meaningless
if the former president was not made to account for his actions while
in office.

President Sata

President Sata

“The former president must be brought to book because the current
 president has done his part so far. We need all the three arms of
Government to play their part in this fight, those in Parliament 
should reflect and ensure that Mr Banda’s immunity is lifted.
”Let’s not distort the intentions of the presidential immunity.

Presidential immunity is supposed to protect a former head of State
for the genuine actions taken while in office. Presidential immunity
is not about protecting actions done in personal, individual, selfish
family interests,” he said.
Mr Milupi said former president Banda should be made to account for
all the corruption that was taking place under his administration.
He said from the information and investigations so far, it was clear
that those who were being investigated were working under the
directive or charge of the former president.
“Most of the things that are being investigated were done under his 
directive, it was under president Banda’s reign that they repealed the
Anti-Corruption Act, and removed the abuse of office clause, it was
under the same administration that the Director of Public Prosecutions
(DPP) was directed to withdraw corruption cases from courts,” he said.

Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu

He has since called on Members of Parliament (MPs) to seriously reflect and lift the immunity of president Banda so that he could 
clear himself of all the allegations that have been leveled against him.
“In fact I get worried when I hear some opposition political parties
say that they will defend the former president in the House. The
 purpose of lifting the former president’s immunity is to ensure that 
the cases against him are taken to court and if there is no evidence
then he is cleared,” he said.

He said it was pointless for the Government to investigate some of the 
former ministers who were clearly under instructions from the former
Investigative agencies are investigating corrupt activities under the Rupiah Banda administration and so far several Cabinet ministers, who 
served under the former administration, are being probed with most 
investigations pointing to the former first family.

Among some cases that were under investigation include, the wrongly alleged sale of gold to a Swis business executive Nicola Bogdan Buzaianu, however, Buzaianu has been cleared of all allegations by President Sata, The
alleged irregular sale of the parastatal Zamtel is still pending. Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu Meanwhile, Mr Milupi has expressed concern over the manner in which the Government was fighting corruption.
He accused the Government of selectively prosecuting some former
leaders from North-Western, Western and Eastern provinces.
 “Does it mean that other people from other provinces were not involved
in this corruption? The Government should not be seen to be targeting 
certain regions,” he said.


Q&A with a former Politian in Secret – Gloria Koko – Lusaka times

Today I met with a staff member in the government to ask their

thoughts of what is taking place in Zambia and President Sata’s

government. He or she would only speak if their identity would be

shielded and in this interview I refer only to them as MR.

GK: Tell me the first image that comes to mind when I say

President Sata.

MR: Fear… yes fear I am afraid of a police state.

GK: Why?

MR: Read the news you are a journalist. The headlines “Sata

Chopping Heads” “Sata Firing” “Sata Accusing” There seem like

there is no due process only action to remove an arrest.

GK: Is Mr. Banda a criminal. 
Mr. Banda
MR: What politician is not?

GK: A safe answer.

MR: In Tumfweko the former Vice president George Kunda stated he

fears a police state. 

GK: You agree that the 90 days have been a disaster?

MR: Absolutely! President Sata has three approaches to government

Fire – Arrest – Replace. He has sacked good people in the

government and replaced with his people without questions.

  GK: The mines?

MR: People claim abuse and nothing changes. 

GK: The gold scandal?

MR: A deliberate act to destroy a good man’s reputation.

GK: Mr. Banda?

MR: No Dr Buzaianu. 
Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

GK: The Swiss Businessman Nicolae Buzaianu?

MR: I think President had bad information when he spoke about

those involved in the scandal. 

GK: But the President did apologize. 
President Sata

MR: Yes.

GK: Speaking of apologies Mr. Kunda stated that President Sata

should apologize to the people of Zambia. Why? 

MR: Mr. Kunda explained it, President Sata got elected on a claim

that he would straighten out Zambia’s troubles in 90 days. Where

is the change? 

GK: Expecting change in 90 days is unrealistic, should we truly

hold him accountable. 

MR: Yes, absolutely. Make no promises you cannot keep.

GK: Any parting words? 

MR: Bob Marley, “Stand up for your right and don’t give up the


GK: A musical quote, my favorite.

In Lusaka press secretary of President Sata released a formal apology to philanthropist and former Zambia’s permanent representative to UNESCO Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu. Dr. Buzaianu was wrongly accused of purchasing the gold from DEC when he flew into Zambia from Geneva, Switzerland. What was believed to be a nefarious meeting between former President Banda and the Swiss-Businessman turned out to be a meeting of diplomacy.

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

Philanthropist Nicolae Buzaianu

Lawyers who represent Banda stated that Nicolae Buzaianu arrived in Zambia upon a private jet to announce his resignation as Zambia’s permanent representative from UNESCO. Dr. Buzaianu felt that it was time for him to move on and follow a path more spiritual and focus on rebuilding churches in Eastern Europe. For which he has received a Gold Medal honor by the church.

The gold purchase is still a mystery and President Sata currently has his hands full with his crossover into taking command of the government. Sources claim that the President jumped into the gold scandal without having all the fact presented. This reporter was unable to reach Nicolae Bogdan Buzaianu for a statement about the formal apology.